Host Help

  How do I sign up and get started with my listing?

To start listing, you need to sign up as a vendor.

  How much does it cost to list my property or car?

To list your property or car is totally FREE. We have a total low service fee varying from 4% to 7% to be able to cover third party credit card transaction fees, advertising and business expenses. 


  How many properties or cars can I list?

As many as you wish, it's free and there is no limit.

  When do I get paid

You will get paid to your nominated account when you make a withdraw request from your dashboard. We will then process the payment manually to make sure you will have your funds within few days from your request.

  Can you help me to submit a listing?

Of course. If you are experiencing some difficulties in submitting a listing, simply contact us and tell us a bit about your property or car. Let us know how much you want to charge and we will do the rest for you. Don't forget to mention prices and include few pictures and a video if you whish to include one.

  How much should I charge?

This is completely up to you. You can include "Extra Prices" for extra services like cleaning fees, taxes, late check-in, pet fees and airport pick-up if you are licensed.